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The Indians Have Hit The Under In Their Last 10 Games (And 12 of 13 This Year)

Indians Last 10 Games:

July 28th vs. White Sox: 4-3 (Under 8.5)

July 28th vs. White Sox: 5-3 (Under 10.5)

July 29th vs. White Sox: 0-4 (Under 9)

July 30th vs. Twins: 2-0 (Under 8.5)

July 31st vs. Twins: 1-4 (Under 9)

August 1st vs. Twins: 0-3 (Under 8.5)

August 2nd vs. Twins: 1-3 (Under 9.5)

August 3rd vs. Reds: 2-3 (Under 8)

August 4th vs. Reds: 4-2 (Under 8)

August 5th vs. Reds: 2-0 (Under 8.5)

The question is here is do you believe in jinxes? If so, then you hammer that Over today. I apologize to everyone that has quietly been riding this gravy train because now I have brought attention to it. But if you do NOT believe in jinxes, then I simply cannot comprehend how you don't put your house down on the Under tonight. These games haven't even been close. Not even a little bit. They haven't played within 3 runs of the Total all month. The closest they've played during this 10 game streak is 1.5 runs back in Game 1 of the July 28th doubleheader. The Indians rank 30th in the league (last) in runs per 9 innings and batting average. They rank 1st in the league in opponents runs per 9 and batting average. I mean, I know the Indians are considering a nickname change…..might I suggest the Cleveland Unders?

Tonight we've got Carlos Carrasco for the Indians vs. Luis Castillo for the Reds. I feel like it must be noted that Carrasco pitched in the only game the Indians have hit the Over this season, although it was because the Indians scored 9 runs…only giving up 2. The Over has hit in both games Castillo has pitched this season. The Over/Under opened at 8 but the public has already brought it down to 7.5. You know what… we have ourselves an old fashioned FADE here? Everything in the world says Under, but 3 of the 4 starts this year for both pitchers have gone Over. 

Wait, what was that? Did you guys just hear what I heard….?