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Gilbert Arenas Says NBA Players Are Complaining To Him Because No One Is Getting Laid In The Bubble ... Uhh, No Kidding

Uhh, yeah no shit dude. These guys are all used to doing whatever they want and being able to fuck pretty much whenever they want and now they are in Disney World. You know what doesn't happen at Disney World? People aren't there fucking. You're there to ride Splash Mountain and pay out the ass for an average burger. Or in this case you're there to play basketball in a bubble where no one is allowed in or out. 

I will say, this line about Lou Williams is laugh out loud funny: 

"I would never eat at a strip club. I don't go to the strip club to eat wings," Gilbert says.

"I can go to Wing Stop for some wings. I go to the strip club to see strippers."

The image of Gilbert going to Wing Stop for his wings instead of any sort of actual, local wing joint is perfect. Also him just saying he goes to the strip club to see strippers. There's nothing I believe more than that line. Gilbert has one goal and one goal only when he hits up the strip club. He wants to see tits and ass. He's not there to waste his time with silly things like eating. No sir, he's there to see stripping. 

There's no doubt the dudes are struggling in the bubble too. Again, you're talking about weeks now without getting laid and that's why I like to think there are harder fouls and dudes getting chippy because of pent up sexual frustration. It's truly the fascinating part of the bubble along with the AAU/summer camp style living.