Wake Up With the Honest Trailer for ‘Starship Troopers’

I had a weird experience in the late 1990s where I discovered the VHS for “Starship Troopers” in my collection, but had no recollection of ever buying it. I’d seen it in theaters, but never recalled a huge desire to see it again because it was the single most uber-violent gross out Sci-Fi movie I’d ever seen. But for some reason I’d shelled out 20 bucks for the tape.

But it’s a movie that does grow on you. Like the Honest Trailer says, a film that at first seems like a mindless action movie about hunting giant bugs is really a clever send up of Fascism in disguise. But with an insanely good looking cast taking coed showers, anti-government satire, Denise Richards at peak cuteness and Neil Patrick Harris mind melding with a massive tick. It not only holds up 23 years later, it’s gotten better with age.