How About Bam Adebayo Calling His Shot EXACTLY: Texts D. Wade Before The Season He's Going To Average 16/10/5 ... Yep, He's Putting Up 16/10/5

What sort of future-telling shit is this? Bam Adebayo texting D Wade before the season that he's going to average 16/10/5 and, welp, yeah he's averaging 16/10/5. Kinda weird to go with 16 as his points per game, instead of 15/5/5, which is why I say this is some wizardry shit. 

I will say the real story here though might be how Bam texts like a crazy person. What does he think he's doing - writing a headline for Barstool Sports? Why is every word capitalized? That's an absolutely insane move to take the time to capitalize every word in a sentence. Also just too many emojis used here, granted Bam is just 23 so I assume this is just how 23-year olds text. 

Bam is such a good player too. I know, I know - of course I'll say that since he went to Kentucky. But he's always been a freak defensively. What he did at Kentucky in Cal's scheme of switching screens and being able to contain guards will never stop being so fun to rewatch as a basketball nerd. Hence why he's one of the best defensive players in the league already at 23. He's just so versatile and has absurd footwork. 

Either way, Bam predicting 16/10/5 and averaging that is a hell of a call. To quote A-Rod: Babe Ruth, Bam Adebayo.