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UPDATE: Jake Paul's House Was Raided In Connection To A Looting Spree In Arizona

Source -  FBI agents in tactical gear on Wednesday raided the Los Angeles-area mansion home of YouTube star and social media influencer Jake Paul in an investigation stemming from a looting spree at an upscale shopping mall in Scottsdale, Arizona, officials said.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation also searched two locations in Las Vegas, but no one was taken into custody during the raids and no arrest warrant has been issued for Paul, the agency said.

Paul, 23, was not present when his home was searched, according to Laura Eimiller, an FBI spokeswoman in Los Angeles.

Paul’s lawyer, Richard Schonfeld, in a statement acknowledged that his client’s home was searched and promised cooperation with the investigation.

Well there you have it. The raid wasn't carried out for guns or drugs or porn or anything the internet thought it was yesterday- it was carried out in connection with his 'alleged' looting of an Arizona mall in late May/early June. Which he has adamantly denied. 

Here's a video of him at the scene of the crime: 

Did they find anything in connection with the looting? Who knows, but they did find some firearms which were spotted being removed from the house...

As were the police rolling up to it …

Donnie wrote about this yesterday so make sure to check out his blog. This kid has $19,000,000 in the bank so I think he'll be fine. On to the next one!