Lori's Back

I've talked about this lady before so excuse me if this seems out of left field. Turns out your wrong. Turns out Lori is a diehard Hot Dog fan both literally and figuratively. We've been down this block before:

This time around though you get to see Lori Klein-Blazek in action. You see her unfiltered, unrestrained, in her truest form: wearing a hot dog costume at an independent minor league baseball game. COVID be damned, Lori is coming for that hot dog's ass. She wants a steamed dog in 2nd inning, the 5th inning and probably before cut off in the 7th if we're being honest. People call me Two Bird Carl well this is 3 Dog Lori. Happiest lady in the world provided you got sweet relish and heinz mustard available. Gotta love it like that. 

Elsewhere, I want to spend a second talking about how weird it is not having fans in any of the stadiums. Like watching NHL without Lori in the stands going nuts for the home playoff team is so weird. Watching MLB and seeing Lori cardboard cutouts and not having the actual diehards makes me sad. Like there's gotta be some kind of social distancing enforcement we can get on the books because you know every team everywhere has at least one Lori. And she's hurting very badly right now because her Winnipeg Jets/Coyotes/Fill In The Blank and they just can't get it from her in person. Shoutout to those superfans everywhere that are at home slowly dying. Frank The Tank's a big name that comes to mind in this category. Maybe one solution is to look at midwest independent minor league baseball teams because from the looks of it they're still pumping baseball into My Lori's veins. In person, with the hot dog costume and a couple cold GTLF's. They're still letting it ride. So if you're in need of assistance, maybe look no further than the Chicago Dogs: