The Filming Of "Gone Girl" Got Shut Down For FOUR DAYS Because Ben Affleck Refused To Wear A Yankees Hat

I don't know if this was a story at the time, if we've ever blogged it before, or if anyone outside of Red Sox and Yankees fans give a shit. Yet here I am, tickling the keys yet again with another piping hot blog for the world wide web. Hey David Fincher bro, eat my fucking shorts. Are you kidding me? This is what you deem to be unprofessional? Having a code? That's unprofessional to you? Because let me make one thing abundantly clear: I judge the fuck out of Bostonians who turn Hollywood and think it's ever OK to put on a Yankees hat. Might as well dress up in Nazi regalia and kick a puppy while you're at it. I don't care if you're acting or not. I was even a little unsettled when David Ortiz put one on for .2 seconds during his famous "This Is Sportscenter" commercial. It's just not OK. Everyone knows about my lifetime ban on John Cena from ever rooting for a New England based team ever again for his YEARS of rocking Yankees and Lakers gear. This shit aint a game, and I have all the respect in the world for Affleck standing his ground. Make it a Mets hat, a Dodgers hat, literally any other hat on the planet than a Yankees hat.

And I think this is one of the rare times where Yankees and Red Sox fans come together and agree on something. I know they don't want to see New Yorkers wearing Red Sox hates, either. Nor do I want to see New Yorkers wearing Red Sox hats. It's just not natural. There's no need for it. While we're here, fuck Jimmy Fallon. And double fuck you to David Fincher. This shut down production for FOUR DAYS??? You almost came to blows over this? I don't know if anyone has ever been more correct in a situation than Affleck was here. Fincher was trying to flex his power. He knows what that hat symbolizes to Affleck and Fincher wanted to prove that Affleck was beneath him. That he could make Affleck dance like a puppet. So good for Benny Boy to realize what was at stake here. He didn't change for JLo he's not changing for you, Fincher.  

PS - Apparently I need to go out and watch every movie commentary for every project Ben Affleck has ever appeared in. Because this was a strong anecdote that has now forever changed my opinion on David Fincher. And I know none of us will ever be able to watch "Armageddon" the same again.