Chaos, Anarchy And Two Bombs: The Crease Dive's PLL Semifinal Preview Show

And then there were 4. 

What if I told you that a team could lose every single game during the round robin stage of the PLL Championship Series and still go on to win the whole damn thing. And what if I told you before the tournament started that team would be the Chaos. You'd punch me in the face and kick me in the crotch for saying such a preposterous thing. Not a chance in heck, you would say, could a team be that horrific in group play and still have a chance to win it all. Not a chance in heck, you would proclaim, would the Chaos lose 4 straight games to open the tournament. But it's true. Each and every last bit of it is true. 

Because after entering the Elimination Round at 0-4 as the 7-seed, the Chaos offense decided to do the unthinkable. They benched Connor Fields, they let the rest of the offense work the ball amongst themselves, and they beat the brakes off the Chrome. Nothing about what anything I just said there should make sense, but it's how it went down. Granted, the Chaos being a semifinal team shouldn't have been as a surprise to anybody at all at the beginning of the tournament. But how they got there? With last night's 19-14 win being their first dub of the summer, and without Connor Fields on the field? Chaos, anarchy, and some absolute piss missiles. 

As for the other two games last night--Redwoods vs Waterdogs, Archers vs Atlas--they were both a little closer than I would have expected them to be, but there weren't any more upsets to be had. So now the Redwoods advance to have to play against the Whipsnakes again. They lost to the Whips in the championship last year, they lost to the Whips in the first game of the Championship Series a couple of Saturdays ago, and realistically they'll probably lose to the Whips again on Thursday in the semis. 

Then you've got the Chaos staying alive to go up against the Archers in the other semifinal game. This game should be pretty wild as long as we get the same Chaos offense as we saw last night against Chrome. That offense was snapping last night, and then the Archers offense has Tom Schreiber so....

Yeah. It's always a rather significant advantage when you've got Tom Schreiber on your team and the other team does not. So if I were capping these games I'd say Whipsnakes -3.5 over Redwoods and then I'd probably give the -1 edge to Archers here but that game is a total pick 'em depending on which Chaos team shows up. 

And if you want more lax in your life and you need more lax in your life, you can listen to my full elimination round recap and semifinal preview on today's episode of the podcast. 

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See everybody tomorrow night. 3 more games left on the summer. Soak it all in, boys.