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Never Forget That The Suns Essentially Gave The Pacers TJ Warren For Free

Nobody is thriving in the bubble right now more than TJ Warren. He is playing at such an insane level I'm convinced the Pacers might never lose again. That's not me overreacting, the numbers are rather outrageous

Games: 3

Stats: 39.7 points / 5.7 rebounds / 3.3 assists / 65.3% FG% / 4.7 3PM on 60.9%

The man is simply incapable of missing. If you thought the 53 against PHI was a fluke well I don't know what to tell you. As I continue to watch Warren completely destroy opposing defenses I can't stop thinking about how he ended up on the Pacers in the first place. Essentially, the Suns paid the Pacers to take Warren off their hands so that they could get some salary relief in order to sign a point guard and re-sign Kelly Oubre. Essentially, they traded him for cash considerations. Woof. 

It's been a rough few years when it comes to the Suns and making trades unfortunately. How can I forget the time they gave Danny Ainge Isaiah Thomas for a package of Marcus Thornton and a top 10 protected pick. As we know, Isaiah went on to make two All Star teams and was top 5 in MVP voting in 2016. 

It's not like TJ Warren was a bad player either! Sure he's going a little crazy so far in the bubble, but this man has been getting bucket for years now. People just didn't really watch the Suns and don't really watch the Pacers but the Suns basically paid someone to take a 26 year old 20ppg scorer off their hands. Great job by the Pacers front office to find that opportunity and take advantage. Warren makes just 10M this year, 11.7M next year, and just 12.6M in 2021-22. I believe this is what the kids call highway lottery and it very well could be the move that helps IND win a first round series. 

I can think of a bunch of contenders that could use this type of production on that price given what it cost to snag Warren. I'd love to know if the Suns made him available to the rest of the league because whoever passed on that deal should be shamed on the internet.