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DeMarcus Cousins Subtweeting The Kings After Their OT Loss Is The Perfect Level Of Pettiness

*clears throat*


I can understand why this random tweet from Boogie might confuse you until you realize when it was sent. If there's one thing I will always enjoy when it comes to the NBA its players being petty, so the fact that Boogie sent that tweet as the Kings were losing an OT game to the Mavericks is right up my alley. The last time Cousins played for the Sacramento Kings was February 15th 2017. That's a total of 1,267 days! You would think enough time has gone by since he got traded during the All Star break 

that Boogie would be over it, but this is a man that clearly still holds a grudge. I can respect that. It's not like he has anything better to do than watch these games like the rest of us so why the hell not. He's right too. Cousins was always blamed for the Kings struggles, that he was a cancer and his attitude stunk, all that shit. Maybe parts of that were true to some extent, it's not like he was a saint, but the Kings problems are obviously still around to this day. 

The Kings had some brutal injury luck this year, there's no denying that, but that doesn't excuse them for what we've seen these last few years since the Boogie trade. Never forget this team passed on Luka for Marvin Bagley. They also fired their coach who had just completed the best season in years to bring in Luke Walton, only to see that be a complete disaster. Like I said, Boogie wasn't the perfect guy while in SAC, but it's clear that they did jack shit to build around him. The second he went to a different environment whether it be Team USA, NO, GS, we didn't see any of the problems that existed in SAC. It was always kind of bullshit that he was given 100% of the blame for how things went down with the Kings.

It always felt like Boogie was beloved by the fans and people of Sacramento, he just couldn't stand playing for a franchise that didn't know what the hell they were doing. Not much has really changed in that department, and if Boogie wants to talk shit I say let's have it. I just wish he put @SacramentoKings in his tweet. If you're going to talk shit don't subtweet, @ the person. It would have been a perfect tweet if that happened but since it wasn't included I have to deduct a few points. I really didn't care all that much about how the Kings did, but that was before I knew Boogie was going to talk shit on the internet. That is something I am very much here for.