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The NBA Needs To Change The Rules Right This Second And Let Every Western Conference Team Play A BASEketball Style Play-In Tournament

Things are weird right now, right? Nothing makes sense, we're making up sports rules on the fly, shit's going all over the place. That's why we need the NBA to do what's right. Give me every Western Conference team in the bubble playing a BASEketball style play-in tournament. I don't want just the 8 vs 9 seed for the last spot. Why?

Because every game has been unreal with Western Conference teams - and really every team not named the Wizards. We have Devin Booker doing things like this: 

We had the Pelicans actually playing Zion. We have Ja Morant. We have the Kings going to overtime. We have everything we could possibly want! Look at these standings: 

You're talking about 3.5 games from 8-13. That's fucking awesome. Now, how do you this play-in tournament? Well I haven't figured that out just yet, but I want to keep seeing all these teams play. I want to see the Suns talk shit on Twitter: 

I was a bit skeptical about these 8 'regular season' games. Don't get me wrong, I was very much here for as much basketball as I can watch. I just had no idea how teams would approach this knowing there could be tanking for seeding, resting if you're locked into a spot, etc. It's been AWESOME. Every game has been pretty damn crazy. Shit, yesterday was one of the best days of basketball in a long, long time. You had the Nets upset, you had the Booker shot, you had the Heat/Celtics game, you had the Melo shot late night. It was just unreal for nearly 12 hours. 

Get Dan Patrick and Kenny Mayne on the horn and let's figure out this tiebreaker.