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Ohio State Playing Michigan On October 24th Is Really Dumb

My thoughts:

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This is stupid. No other way to put it. Ohio St and Michigan need to play in the last week of the season and there are no exceptions, not even coronavirus.

I understand the reasoning that moving it up gives more flexibility should we need to reschedule it, but my thing is this: if we're not playing the last week of the season anyways, then who cares? I would rather take the year off from playing Michigan if we're just going to play 4 games and then the season gets cancelled. And I'm pretty sure Michigan would agree with that too. I'm sure they'd agree to never play us again.

Also, if the goal is to get the "big" games in, why is Penn State so late? It doesn't add up. Plain and simple: this decision sucks. I'll tell you what doesn't suck though….

Hahahahah. Hahahahahahahahah. THIS is our path this year? 

And THE Ohio State Buckeye have just punched their ticket to the College Football Playoff. This schedule is eassssssy. And I'm glad to see that the Buckeyes are still starting the season with their usual 3 cupcakes. I don't see a difference between playing teams like Bowling Green and Buffalo or playing teams like Illinois, Rutgers, and Purdue.

Side note -- Can I get an updated Over/Under on wins here? Anything under 9…..I'm putting my entire 401K on it. They'll PROBABLY go 10-0…..but there is simply a 0.0% chance the Buckeyes lose more than 1 game on this schedule. It's not possible.

Thank you, Big Ten! And we will represent you well in the Playoff!