All Is Right In The World As The Greatest Tradition In Sports Lives On, Even If It's Just Hockey Fist Bumps

Hey, COVID. Eat shit, buddy. You thought you could come in here and take this beautiful sport away from us? Well guess what. You're not #HockeyTough enough to take that away from us. And if you thought you could take the greatest tradition in sports away from us then you're an even bigger pigeon than I originally thought. 

These fellas just went through war against each other. Well, maybe not this serious in particular since the Rangers were trash and this was over before most of the bubble really even got started. But in general. There's not a single virus on this planet that is going to stop the boys from congratulating one another and showing their respect for each other after a hard fought playoff series. I'm sure it was killing off of them that they couldn't take off their mitts and actually shake hands like men, but the fist bumps are a decent enough compromise for now. That plug Dr. Fauci gets his wish but at least its still something. Could you imagine game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final ending in overtime and each team just had to immediately skate off to the tunnel afterwards? Just the thought of it makes me want to vomit all over my computer right now. 

So Hockey Handshakes live on, even if it's in fist bump form. What doesn't live on, however, are the New York Rangers' hopes and aspirations. They just got shit pumped before they even had a chance to fully unpack their bags in the bubble. Oh well. Better luck next time. See ya in December, dorks.