Juan Soto Is Back, Dancing On The Dugout, Having The Time Of His Life


I'll tell you what, nobody loves it more than Juan Soto. Talk about making baseball fun again. Guy just wants to be at the ballpark hitting 490 foot dingers, dancing with his teammates, and winning World Series. The fact he's not in the starting lineup again tonight SUCKS, but look at him, just his presence alone changes everything. The Nats are so much better with him simply being there. It's crazy the effect a 21 (LOLLLL, he's still only 21) year old kid can have on an entire clubhouse. He's just so fucking awesome. Feel like he's one of those guys who transcends team allegiances. Like, you can be a Mets or Phillies fan and you still look at Juan Soto and go "damn, that guy is awesome". Sort of the antithesis of Bryce Harper where you love him if he's on your team, but despise him if he's somewhere else. It's just sweet to have Soto back after he missed so much time with a false positive COVID test. Hopefully he's back in the lineup tomorrow, doing what he does 2nd best to dancing, mashing the ball to outer space.