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BREAKING: DraftKings Is Sending Someone To The Fight Of The Century

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Hey what would be more fun than watching the Derby and MayPac on Saturday night? Oh I don’t know, how about watching in Vegas? And being at the fight? For free? Sounds pretty good if you ask me. Well DraftKings is sending someone. All you need to do is enter tonight’s Baseball Freeroll (yes, it’s FREE to enter) and win. With the W you get 2 tickets to Mayweather v Pacquiao, airfare to Vegas, and luxury accommodations. Sign up right now because the contest closes at first pitch.






Contest Details:
-Fight of the Century Freeroll
-1st place wins 2 tickets to Pacquiao vs. Mayweather, airfare to Vegas, and luxury accommodations.
-This contest is free to enter but it closes in less than 3 hours. Get in there and draft your team now!