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"My Mind Goes Blank. I Kinda Blackout"- Brooks Koepka When Asked What He Thinks About When He Needs To Hit A Big Drive

Relatable wording from Brooks but not necessarily relatable results. Weekend hackers mean something VERY different when they say they blackout on the golf course. When an amateur golfer says he blacked out on the golf course the story usually ends with him waking up in a puddle of his own urine. When Brooks says he blacked out on the golf course that means he's so focused and hits the ball so hard that he isn't thinking about any AKA he blacks out. That might not sound like the ideal way to win golf tournaments but the proof is in the pudding for Brooks. He arrives at Harding Park looking to win his third PGA Championship in a row. Not to mention the best golfers (and really the best athletes) say they perform their best when they're not thinking about anything.

Including Brooks 

So I guess the winning recipe for Brooks is to keep blacking out.

PS- The tee times for the opening round of the PGA Championship just got released and here's Brooks'

I understand this is a classic grouping because they're all current holders of majors but we're all just waiting on the day when Brooks and Bryson are paired together. One of these days.