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ALERT: Cheetos Just Released FLAMIN HOT Mac N Cheese



WOAH. Did you hear that? That was the sound of basic bitches everywhere losing their god damn minds. What does every basic sorority girl love? Drama and crying. But what ELSE do they love? Talking about how much they love pizza while posting a picture of themselves in a bikini. But what ELSE do they love? Flamin Hot Cheetos. For some reason, FHCs is the snack of choice in sorority houses across the nation. Becky and Madison would ~literally die~ if they didn't have a bag on the way to COMM 215- How To Use Google (Comm majors, unite!). And now? The post bar, pre ex-boyfriend meal just changed forever. Flamin Hot Mac N Cheese. Good lord.

And look. I'm a man. I'm 40 (I'm 31, but you get it)



and I cannot wait to try this out. I LOVE spicy mac n cheese. In fact, I look down on people who don't eat mac n cheese with hot sauce. My personal favorite? A nice BBQ brisket mac n cheese with a slightly spicy bbq sauce. Oh boy my mouth just watered typing that. That's my death row meal. I'll be tooting my way over to the electric chair as my final gift to the world.

But anyway, this is a game changer for sure. Would not be shocked to see the blue box start pushing out some new flavors in response. I mean sure, they have the shape game on lock (Spongebob the clear best, no discussion), but can they compete with Flamin' Hot Cheetos? I need Spicy Spongebob like I need air to breathe.