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Joey Diaz Is Moving Back To Jersey And Ending His Podcast At The End Of The Month

If you're at all familiar with Rogan-ville you know that it's been absolute chaos over there this Summer. From the D'Elia and now Callen allegations to Joe himself deciding to up and move to Texas it's just been non-stop one thing after the other.

Well, now there's another thing to add to the list and it's that Joey Diaz will be ending 'The Church Of What's Happening Now' and is headed back to Jersey with his family. You can watch the above podcast for more details, but it sounds like from the gist of it that Uncle Joey just wasn't really happy in LA anymore which is completely understandable. The way he breaks it down of how lonely it is and how he would be jealous of seeing all his people having these great holidays together back home is something everybody can understand.

He also said that Rogan made him a nice offer that he couldn't refuse to come to Texas with him, but he ended up passing. I'll shut up now and have you watch the podcast to hear it straight from the man himself though. And while I can't really sit here and tell you that I was an avid Church listener, I can say that I've seen enough clips and have enjoyed Joey's perspective on things to know that I'll miss it. But, I am happy for Joey that he decided to make the move and for whatever the hell is next. 

RIP to the Church, COCKSUCKA!