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Gettlefinger Strikes! Markus Golden Officially Returns To The Giants On A 1-Year, $5.1 Million Deal

Yeah yeah yeahhhhh, I know that everyone is saying that Joe Judge almost definitely was the person in the Giants braintrust that brought this idea to East Rutherford considering the history of the tender when it was first placed on Golden.

ESPN- The New York Giants elected to place a rare unrestricted free-agent tender on outside linebacker Markus Golden, a source told ESPN's Field Yates. The "May 5" tender still allows Golden to negotiate a deal with other teams. The Giants would not receive any compensation if he signed elsewhere, but Golden would count toward the 2021 compensatory pick formula if he signed with another team. If Golden remains unsigned past July 22 (or the start of training camp), he could play for only the Giants this season. The team would maintain the pass-rusher's exclusive rights at 110% of his previous compensation package, which is $5.225 million.

The most notable recent use of the "May 5" tender was by the New England Patriots on running back LeGarrette Blount in 2017. Blount eventually signed with the Philadelphia Eagles.

But I've already completely sold myself on Coach Judge being a badass mammajamma that ain't gonna take no shit from nobody, the name Judge already lends itself to plenty of nicknames, and if Golden came out and said how much he hated being hit with this tender, everyone immediately would have logged on Twitter and dunked on Gettleman for one again pissing off a veteran player on his own team with the handling of their contract. 

So I am going to run with Gettlefinger rebuilding the Giants from the shadows by instituting little-known free agency stipulations and stacking assets amidst the chaos of the coronavirus. Chaos is a ladder and the Giants will climb it right to the top of the NFC East. Markus Golden may not have been a stud last season but he led the team with 10 sacks on what vaguely resembled a Giants pass rush and as every Giants fan alive for the last two Super Bowl championships knows, you can never have too many pass rushers. And as every Giants fan alive for the years following the last two Super Bowls, having almost no pass rushers fucking sucks. So Markus Golden coming back on another 1-year prove it bargain deal along with a new defensive coaching staff hopefully developing some of the talent in the front 7 is a huge win for the G-Men considering their pass rush still doesn't appear to be lights out with Golden but it looks a hell of a lot better than without him and I don't see Clowney coming here, no matter how enticing that big fat Nate Solder exception looks on this year's books.

Now lets stay healthy, build some sort of shred of chemistry over the next month, and slowly begin to resemble a competent football franchise again with a coach and GM on the same page along with all of Jerry Reese's carnage off the roster.