The Bachelorette Released A Cryptic Promo For The Upcoming Season With No Mention Of Tayshia

Me watching that VERY cryptic promo 

Oh they're good. They're very good. No mention of Tayshia but they've got Clare shrouded in shadows and mystery. WHAT THE HELL IS GONNA HAPPEN??????? A person can be an artist at anything and the producers over at The Bachelorette are artists at creating promos to get people going. They are the best in the business.

They even had me for a split second where I thought this was Tayshia 

I watched it 15 times to make sure it was Clare, and to be totally honest, I'm still not sure. I'm 99% sure it's Clare but you could convince me it's Tayshia. THAT'S how good they are. I'm gonna lose my mind when they eventually release Tayshia's promo.

Chris Harrison kinda sorta but not really addressed yesterday's craziness on Twitter

This guyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Only one thing is guaranteed 

I can't wait.