POSITIVE VIBES ONLY: College Hoops Is Still Planning On Starting On Nov. 10, But Will Make A Decision Within The Next Month

Positive motherfucking vibes only people. I can't stress this enough - we need a season so bad this year in college hoops. I don't care if it's conference only. I don't care if it's a bit shortened. I don't care if it's normal just without fans. I don't care if it's normal with Indiana getting the only school allowed to have fans in. That's how desperate I am for a college hoops season. We need it. Do you know how awesome this year is going to be? 

We have a bunch of guys back that people know -led by preseason NPOY Luka Garza. We have teams like Baylor in the preseason top-3. We have the SEC making a jump. Illinois is finally going to be good! Do you know how much fun college hoops is when Illinois actually means something? I still think about the game vs Wake Forest back in the 2004-05 season. That place was unreal. Kansas isn't the favorite in the Big 12. The Pac-12, well, they have schools that are playing basketball! 

So this makes sense. Say the season is going to start on time and adjust over the next month. I still think Kevin Willard has the best idea. Play during Thanksgiving break when you can create a somewhat bubble with students off campus. We're not having fans to start the year anyways so why does it matter if you play when kids are there or not. Get these guys away from as many parties and filled bars as possible and have them play with minimal people on campus. I know you can't do a true bubble because of the way NCAA rules are written so without that, set it up like this and then get everyone to the conference tournaments as quick as possible. If you play only conference games, make every conference a round-robin. 68 team Tournament like always and let's get rolling.