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The 50/50 Pot at The Blackhawks Oilers Game Tonight Hit Over 3 Million. Somebody Check On Bigcat

Fuck me running. 

Global News - The winner of the Edmonton Oilers organization’s 50/50 draw for Game 2 of the team’s NHL qualifying round series against the Chicago Blackhawks will be a millionaire.

The hockey club obliterated its previous 50/50 draw sales record on Monday night, reaching over $2 million in sales before the game had even started.

“One lucky #Oilers fan is becoming a millionaire tonight & the game hasn’t even started yet!” the Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation tweeted just before 8 p.m.

“Ticket sales will run until 10:30pm MT.”

By 9:23 p.m., that total had grown to nearly $2.8 million.

As of 9:56 p.m., the jackpot had increased in size to over $3 million.

The winner takes home half the total of the draw’s sales, while the remainder goes to support the Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation.

With its half of the jackpot, the EOCF supports registered charitable organizations in Alberta.

The Oilers’ previous 50/50 jackpot record was set during Game 1 against the Blackhawks on Saturday where the final estimated pot swelled to about $760,000.

Previous record set Saturday night, $760,000. Game 2, $3 fuckin million with rumors swirling it's 3.5 (not confirmed). 

If I know 50/50 bettors like I think I do, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Everybody in the great north is gonna catch wind of this mammoth haul and if this thing goes to a game 5 bet your ass this thing goes over 5 million. 

Mark Saturday, August 8th down as a date to fire up your VPN and login from a Canadian proxy so you can get your orders in.

p.s. - Wanna know how I know this blog is slipping? Back in the old days there would have been a trail of blogs posted throughout the evening with status updates on Bigcat foaming at the mouth. I've never seen a 50/50 junkie like him in my life. Pot could be 100 bucks or 100 thousand and he would by two arm lengths of numbers. And this was back before he was big time and the whole mush gambler thing was well known. 

We once went to a Chicago Sky game (he was a season ticket holder) and one of the 50/50 raffle ladies came up to him and asked if he'd like the usual. 

I checked his timeline just now and no mention of this raffle tonight. He has got to be LIVID that nobody mentioned this to him. He woulda been good for a cool 10k. Here's hoping he got in and just didn't wanna jinx it by telling anybody.

p.p.s. - yah that's Jeff Magee making a cameo in that video. nbd.