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Shake Milton is a Grown Ass Man With Grown Ass Balls

Thank fucking god for Malik Benjamin Milton. The confidence to take that shot after what happened this weekend speaks so much to this kids mindset. My man had a horrendous game to start the bubble season on Saturday.

Shake grew the fuck up tonight. He showed some real mental toughness that this team really needs. Aside from the game winner, Shake did everything he needed to tonight. He was efficient by going 6-9 from the field for 16 points, and he only turned over the ball 1 time in 26 minutes. Not to mention he probably saved the city from burning to the ground.

If the Sixers were to have lost that game, Philly fans would be in a world of pain right now. Sports talk radio would have exploded. There may have been picket signs outside of the bubble calling for the immediate firing of Brett Brown, because this was without a doubt a horrible game for the Sixers.

It was the same thing that happens every single night. A consistent lead that just went to absolute shit in the fourth quarter. We absolutely cannot be giving up 40 point fourth quarters every fucking game. To quote Brett Brown, the fourth quarter defense "stinks".

I get it, Simmons did foul out, and when one of the best defenders in the league has to sit for the majority of the fourth quarter, your defense will probably take a toll. This excuse would maybe be acceptable if it didn't just fucking happen on Saturday. You cannot expect to compete in this league by giving up an average of 44.5 points in the fourth quarter.

Not everything has been horrible to start this bubble season though. Most notably, Joel Embiid and Tobias Harris have come to play. We had another dominant performance from Embiid tonight after going for 40 and 20 on Saturday. He went for 27/9/5 and was an absolute beast down the stretch. Yes he missed a big free throw but up until then he was basically flawless. His mid range jumper was money and he was taking on double teams with ease. If he can make that mid range jumper consistently, he is quite literally an unstoppable human.

For Tobias, he has been a different man in the bubble. It came out that he took on a big responsibility over the quarantine by becoming a better leader and it shows. He has played with much more confidence and is really turning into that secondary scorer that this team so desperately needs.

All in all it was a big win that can hopefully spark something going forward. Lets go take care of business against Washington on Wednesday. Clap Em UP.