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Imagine Thinking Coronavirus Stands a Chance Against Whatever the Hell This Thing at the Broncos' Facility Is

COVID-19 had its day, but the Denver Broncos have installed some sort of sanitizing shower apparatus, so it is my conclusion that we are good to go for football. This is all we needed this whole time.

In all seriousness, though, what the hell is that thing going to do? It's spraying some form of supposed sanitizer on the players' heads which are eventually going to be covered with helmets anyway. And then they're going out on the field playing the most contact sport there is, breathing and sweating all over each other for hours a day — and then eventually against 13 other 53-man rosters.

I'm going to assume the people who recommended and installed that coronavirus shower know more about this than I do, but it just looks a little ridiculous upon first glance. I hope I'm totally wrong and every team gets one of these things and it makes football go off without a hitch this year.

Maybe one day we'll all take sanitizer showers.