Pretty, Pretty Good Day For Italian Soccer Player: Wins Golden Shoe For Most Goals In All Of Europe, Gets Surprised By His Smokeshow Wife

Listen, sometimes it's the little things. Sure you might be pumped to be the leading goal scorer in all of Europe. Maybe you're jacked up to go home and be greeted by your smoke wife. But I'm guessing he's Ciro Immobile is most excited about the cake. Sometimes cake just hits the spot right. I'm not even a huge cake fan - unless we're talking about ice cream cake. But sometimes you get a surprise piece of cake and it's perfect.

Not to mention Immobile became the first person since 2009 not named Suarez, Messi or Ronaldo to win the Golden Shoe award. Seems like that's pretty important! Even if it was a weird year or whatever, Ciro was still the person to score the most goals. That goes in the record book. 

But who am I kidding? I know you didn't click this blog to hear about possible transfer destinations, you clicked on this to see his smoke wife: