I Don't Think I Can Blame Yoenis Cespedes For Ghosting On The Mets Yesterday If He Went To The Mall Instead

I'll admit I was a little perturbed about Yo straight up bouncing on the Mets without as much of a text message yesterday other than it being the most Metsy ending to the craziest run in Flushing I have ever seen, which is saying something. Opting out of a shortened, fraudulent, and in the Mets case completely lost, season during a pandemic makes perfect sense. Opting out without telling a soul in the front office that you are doing so, not as much.

HOWEVAH, IF that picture was really taken while the Mets were leaving *checks scorecard* 8000 runners in scoring position during the latest nightmare in Atlanta, I completely get it. It's tough enough to focus on minor things like calling out of work for the day let alone the rest of the year when you have Mall Brain. Do you go to Auntie Anne's for a snack and top your stomach off with a couple of free samples of teriyaki and bourbon chicken on a toothpick from the food court or do you plan on having a full lunch? Is it worth trading in your old video games at Gamestop for change that will go directly into your car ashtray? And do you feel like masking up and going to a public place with a bunch of other masked up people to buy shit you can get for much cheaper online? 

All those questions without answers along with the obligatory shoddy cell service at every mall are just enough to stop you from simply texting "La Potencia OUT" to your former agent and current GM that helped negotiate the biggest fleecing this side of the countless people who got free chair massages from Brookstone without any chance they were gonna fork over a grand for them, no matter what they told the salesman.

In the end, if all Yo wanted to do was stay healthy, play golf while ripping some heaters, then cool down at the mall, I can't blame him in the least because that's pretty much the American dream.

Play us out Robin Sparkles!

Also for any Mets fans that are slightly upset about the way the season has gone, make sure to leave us a voicemail on the Mets Mayday Line.