Mike Tyson Gets Called Out By Another Former Opponent (Kevin McBride) To Try And Get Him To Fight A Rematch

Source - The last man to fight Mike Tyson says he's down to run it back -- with Kevin McBride telling TMZ Sports, "Let's get it on!"

Of course, McBride is the man who sent Tyson into retirement when the Irishman dominated Iron Mike so badly in their 2005 matchup, Tyson quit on his still before the 7th round.

After the fight, a then 38-year-old Tyson told the media he lost his passion for boxing and wanted to move on with his life.

Now, Mike is 54 and coming out of retirement for an exhibition with Roy Jones Jr. ... and McBride says once that's done, hew wants next.

"Let's get it on! Definitely would love to fight him again," 47-year-old McBride tells us.

"Nobody can rule out anything in this world because that's life. It would be explosive to fight Mike Tyson again and I'm sure Mike would love to rectify his loss and I would just love to jump in the ring again with him." Plus, McBride says the payday would be awesome -- he could use the cash to help put his kids through college.

A lot of people are conflicted on whether or not they want to see Mike Tyson fight, but I'm not. I want to see him in the ring. Promo ahead of the September 12th fight vs Roy Jones Jr. started this weekend and I couldn't have been more excited. Why? Because A) Tyson is a legend and B) his fight against Jones Jr. is an exhibition match. They're not going in there trying to kill each other, they're going in there to have fun and trade a couple punches. 

That being said, the thing that I don't like is old opponents coming out of the woodwork trying to get a piece of Mike. (Shannon Briggs was all over Instagram trying to get him to fight the second it was announced.) Even though McBride was only half serious, you know that if the opportunity arose he'd jump in the ring in a heartbeat. Which can be a slippery slope for Mike. He's overcome so much in his life, the last thing you want to see is him getting dragged back into the sport that almost killed him. 

For those of you who don't remember, here's what happened last time they fought: 

Tyson quit in the sixth round and had this to say after the match...

It was an incredibly honest and sad omission from one of boxings most feared and respected fighters. McBride is currently a tree trimer and his boss said he's give him the time off, so in the off chance that Tyson accepts, McBride will be able to train…

In fact, Kevin says his boss at the Brendan Hoarty Tree Services company is fully supportive of rematch with Mike -- and already promised him time off so he could properly train again.

There's more … we also spoke with Kevin about how that victory over the baddest man on the planet changed his life forever.

"Actually, being in the same ring as him was like a dream one true for me. I got to meet Muhammad Ali the same night because his daughter fought in the undercard so I met two legends in one night."

2020 has been a weird year and it seems to only be getting weirder. Hopefully this fight doesn't happen (I don't think it will), but if it does I'll be watching and so will you. We all will.