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The Rock Just Bought The XFL For A Cool $15 Million




Well god damn. What a steal! It's hard to find value in the market like that, but The Rock just did it. Dug threw his couch cushions, found an extra $15 mil laying around, and decided to scoop up the XFL. Brilliant. Especially considering Vince McMahon, about a year ago, liquidated $500 million (that is half of a billion for those keeping track at home) to launch the XFL and then declared it bankrupt a mere 6 months later. ROI= -infinity. 

But The Rock, the savvy businessman he is, decided those assets could eventually make him some profit and bought it up with a Venture Capitalist group. 

I don't think this means it'll continue being an operating football league, but $15 million for the rights to all the XFL assets is pretty sweet. Put some He Hate Me jerseys and the original XFL football every kid wanted for Christmas on sale and you have that $15 mil back in no time. 

Or maybe The Rock is the man we needed all along to bring down Goodell and the NFL? What if this is the biggest turning point in professional sports history? Commissioner The Rock and his right hand man Kevin Hart bring down the NFL? You never know.