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I May Have Miscalculated The Indians Chances Of Winning The World Series

We were 4-1. We were in 1st place in the division. And we had what looked like perhaps the greatest starting pitching staff ever assembled. My projections had us winning the World Series. But I forgot to factor in that they can't hit. And that has turned out to be a pretty important miscalculation. 

I mean, we scored 4 runs in 4 games against the Twins. Toss in the goose egg we put up in the White Sox series finale and we've scored 4 runs in the last 5 games. Analysis: not good. In fact, it's terrible. It's so bad that even the Indians historic starting pitching still isn't enough.

So you're telling me that the Indians have had the best pitching start of the season in the last 34 years and we're 5-5, good enough for 3rd in the division? Yeah, our hitting isn't terrible. It's atrocious. Here's some unflattering numbers:

- We have 4 players hitting over .200 

- Oscar Mercado is hitting .080

- Aaron Judge has 6 home runs. The Cleveland Indians have 6 home runs

- We've scored 26 runs in 10 games 

- Good news: we're 24th in the league in runs scored!!! Bad news: everyone below us has played at least 3 less games than us. We've only scored 9 more runs than the Marlins, who have played 3 total games. 

I could go on and on and on. We've stolen 2 bases all season. But I guess you can't steal a base if you never get on base.

Look, the way I see it, the Indians have two options moving forward if they want to win games. They can either A.) not give up ANY runs. I'm talking shut the other team out every single night. Bieber style. Or they can B.) score a run every once in a while. I'm not asking for much. I just need more like 3 runs a game and we'll be fine. Unfortunately, the way we're playing, it looks like Option A is more likely.

The ONLY good news right now is that we did just get 4 games out of the way with the Twins. It feels bad now because they're 7-2 and clearly a really good baseball team. Does Nelson Cruz age?? But obviously all we need to do is finish in the top 2 in the AL Central or the Top 8 in the American League. And I still think we do that. Let us feast on the Tigers and Royals of the world and we'll be there at the end of October. But we're not going anywhere further if we can't hit. It sucks we're wasting such incredible starting pitching with such an embarrassing display at the plate. FIGURE IT OUT!!!!!