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Start Your Day With The Beautiful Crack Of The Bat From Aaron Judge's Missile

One more time with Matty V? Sure I'm not driving. 

No better sound in the world. The sweet sound of the crack of the bat with a ball that's ticketed for Pluto. Our fearless leader Dave Portnoy said this weekend, "There is literally nothing more pure on earth than the crack of a bat," and he was not wrong. Sure the no fans thing sucks, but hearing the sound of that bat in an empty stadium is something else. You don't even have to have your eyes fixated on the TV to know that ball isn't coming back.

I can't tell what part I liked more. The crack of the bat, Matt Barnes screaming, or the Red Sox infield reacting. Devers' hands immediately sank to his knees trying not to look while Boagarts and Peraza never thought for a millisecond about turning around to see where this one was landing. Laugh out loud funny scene. 

Then there's the Yankees dugout going nuts

Gio going absolutely ballistic. Gardy nearly about to shit himself. Tauchman in pure disbelief. Voit probably had his hands up before contact was made like Curry watching Klay shoot an open 3. Ford all the way on the right just laughing. 

I love this team. Happy Monday to the 7-1 MLB best New York Yankees. 

Please don't cancel the season.