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Happy Birthday Tom Brady! My Favorite TB12 Moments Ranked

Tom Brady is the greatest Quarterback of all-time. He's got 6 Super Bowl Rings in the 20 years he spent as a member of the New England Patriots organization. He turns 43 years old today so I figured it'd be a good time to share my favorite Tom Brady moments:

3) Breaking down his 2019 tape to see how he'd fit into the Buccaneers offensive system

2) Hanging out at the Kentucky Derby together

1) Officially becoming a Buccaneer

Happy Birthday Tom! Looking forward to watching you as the Quarterback of my team! 

All kidding aside (we're pals and can give each other guff, right Pats fans?) thank you Pats Nation for grooming such an excellent human and incredible QB. We are lucky to have him in Tampa, but not nearly as lucky as you guys who got to enjoy him for 20 years.