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Kentucky/CFB Legend Benny Snell Is Attempting To Save Two Keys (A #BarstoolBestBar Contestant) From Shutting Its Doors Forever

I saw this over the weekend and immediately felt like someone kicked me in the nuts. There is no better bar in the country than the former #BarstoolBestBar contestant Two Keys in Lexington. I know everyone says that about their own campus bar, but this was THE Kentucky bar. Plus $10 all you can drink on Thursday's never hurt anyone. It sits right across the street from campus. You can walk there whether you live on South Campus, North Campus, State Street, Maxwell, wherever. It should be national historic landmark in my humble opinion. 

Luckily we have a legend at Kentucky. 

I didn't even steal Unnecessary Roughness' password to tweet that. It's just an accurate tweet. What the dude accomplished in a couple years at Kentucky is absurd. Plus he wore a spinner mouth piece and spoke in the 3rd person. He was the most entertaining player college football had on and off the field. Well now he's also becoming a hero: 

If he saves Two Keys, build a statue. I'm not even being sarcastic or using hyperbole or anything. The man needs a statue if he saves Two Keys, led Kentucky to a 10-win season and finished as the leading rusher in school history. We already lost The Fishtank from my time there, which was a hell of a bar, we can't just sit back and lose Two Keys. No way. Shout out the legend.