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Report: Washington State Players Who Shared "#WeAreUnited" Graphics Have Been Released From The Team

A group of Pac-12 players has taken the college football world by storm today. 

To spread their message, players throughout the Pac-12 tweeted out a #WeAreUnited graphic:

A report out of Pullman has suggested that the players on Washington State who shared the graphic on their personal accounts have been instructed to clean out their lockers, as they have been released from the team:

Unclear if this is true yet and/or confirmed. I'm not sure the right approach is just to release anybody that shared the graphic. That seems a bit harsh, but it's not the craziest approach. Nick Rolovich is in his first year at Washington State and if there are guys on the team that don't want to be there, then I'm sure he couldn't care less cutting them. With guys he didn't recruit, if they don't want to play (which is what you're essentially saying when you share that graphic) then it's time for Rolovich to find the guy who is going to fill his slot. It also sends a message to the other players on the team. That being said, that message may be the issue. By cutting these players (I am assuming it's true), you are suggesting that if you speak up against how this system works, we will cut you. Is it that simple? No, but to the outside eye that's not how you should go about building a program. 

This protest by this group of Pac-12 players is incredibly serious when it comes to the game of college football. How these schools react will set up how college football will look for the next decade-plus. We'll see how it ends up, but I have a feeling this could be much bigger than just a few players "sitting out."

Update (11:05 PM):