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Phil Mickelson Is A Magician Part 2,583,625

Phil Mickelson is a goddamn magician. There's no other way to put it. Phil might be the only guy on Tour who even thinks about attempting a shot like that, let alone pulling it off and leaving a kick in. He swung SO HARD. Make even the smallest mistake there and it's a BIG number. Take a second and imagine being able to do anything close to what Phil did there. Really take a moment and imagine having the balls to try even try it and the confidence to pull it off. Take a second and imagine not blading that ball after taking a big swing like that and not launching the ball into the trees and making a 15. I honestly can't even imagine it.

Remember a couple weeks ago when Justin Rose flopped a ball into the sky and Phil loved every second of it? Keep an eye on Phil

So clearly Phil has been dying to flop a ball like that ever since that Justin Rose shot, he got his chance today in Memphis and made the most of it.