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The First Reviews Of The COVID Football Helmets Are In!

Not great! Now, I'm no scientist but I feel like one of the key elements to being able to perform on the football field is oxygen. Breathing? I'd argue it's imperative. That's just me. I've been wrong before, I'll be wrong again, but I'm confident in my assessment here today that breathing = good. I've another heater of a take for you here, today, in front of a public audience. So strap it on in before you read this humdinger because I will not be held responsible for any snapped chair backs as you hurl your body away from your computer screen after reading such a take. COVID-19? The Coronavirus? I think it's bad. That's right, I said it. I'll say it again: It fucking stinks. So I very much understand the need to try and figure out a way to implement masks into football helmets. I don't know if completely sealing off the head from the outside world is the answer, but it appears to be the first official crack at it. Trial and error, I get it, we didn't anticipate having to ever deal with this shit so I understand not having a perfect solution every step of the way. But hearing it's like "breathing in a Ziploc bag" and seeing Soni Fonua's helmet fogged up like your dad's stationwagon at Makeout Point on a Friday night doesn't seem ideal. Maybe they're being overdramatic, maybe they work just fine, or maybe we're about to start seeing college athletes drop like flies due to a lack of oxygen intake in the August Sun in the South. One thing is for sure: for better or worse, we're going to find out. Because football doesn't run from anything.