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Wake Up With Pacman Jones Smoking Kellen Winslow In The Face

For some reason, this is one of my most memorable college football memories from when I was a kid. This was right when WVU was up and coming, and The U was still The U. Those green unis #hearteyeemojis. I may have seen this happen in a player profile for the draft when the Titans drafted Pacman Jones. Talked about how tough he was and wasn't afraid to mix it up, and them BOOM. Right in the kisser to Kellen Winslow. Pacman about 6 inches smaller than Winslow and doesn't even really flinch when Winslow shoves him. In typical pacman fashion, he hauls off and hits him right in his facemask lololol. Best way to break your hand in football is def to punch a guy in his facemask. Turned out that both of these guys would become scumbags, who coulda seen that coming?!