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Mastermind Behind Twitter Hack Turns Out To Be A 17-Year-Old Florida Man

You may remember 2 weeks ago that Twitter was hacked. The hack specifically targeted verified accounts and tweeted out a Bitcoin address with the guarantee of sending 2x the money sent back to the original sender. Accounts such as Kanye West, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and Barack Obama had tweets like this:

Twitter was forced to lock all of their verified accounts from tweeting for an hour or so before salvaging their network. 

This had to be a multi-faceted attack right? Masterminded in the depths of a Russian basement where a group of the best hackers work together in harmony like the 98 Bulls in hopes of taking down massive networks. Twitter was their crown jewel.

That turned out to not be the case….not at all. It was just a 17-year-old from Tampa Bay:

It seems as if this guy got access to Twitter by targeting their employees with a classic "there are HOT singles in your area looking for a good time" phishing scam:

I bet this guy goes to jail for a while, but once he's out, you'd be dumb not to hire the kid. I guess if he's away for a long time the advancement in computers will pass him by, but this kid is brilliant. The type of guy I'd want on my team. Is he a criminal? Sure, but he's a smart criminal and everyone with a cell in their brain knows that criminals rule the world, they just haven't been caught yet.