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Bumbling Idiot Commissioner Rob Manfred Says That He Could Shut Down The MLB Season By Monday If They Don't Manage The Coronavirus Better


The league and players recognize the coming days are a critical juncture following an outbreak among the Miami Marlins in which 18 players and two coaches have tested positive for COVID-19. Two positive tests by St. Louis Cardinals players on Friday exacerbated concerns inside the sport about the presence of the coronavirus and whether MLB's protocols are being followed properly by players to prevent outbreaks similar to Miami's.

Should another outbreak materialize, Manfred, who has the power to shut down the season, could move in that direction. Multiple players briefed on the call fear the season could be shut down as soon as Monday if positive tests jump or if players continue not to strictly abide by the league's protocols.

I realize Coley just blogged this but I'm still writing this as a way of therapy because this sucks

A few days removed from Rob Manfred saying there wasn't a nightmare situation in baseball, he comes out today and tells Tony Clark if his end doesn't improve he'll cancel the season. Just deflecting the blame. Classic Rob. The end could be here as soon as Monday if things don't drastically change. Remember, Rob Manfred is the commissioner of Major League Baseball. Incredible move by him to point the finger at someone else when he's the biggest clown in the room. Instead of owning up to his own faults he's yelling at Tony Clark to figure out how to contain the coronavirus, a global pandemic. You figure it out Tony! That'll solve it! Rob, you are the COMMISSIONER!!! I hate you. You don't like this sport, just leave. Dude is probably going to have a wet dream tonight about calling this thing off. 

Now the blame shouldn't be shouldered all by Manfred. This shit is getting out of control and if the trend does continue over the next few days he has to shut it down. This virus is a motherfucker and I'm sure players on teams aren't following the rules perfectly. What I will blame him for is the fighting between the players and owners over money for months. The stalling game he put on to save the owners money instead of thinking about the game itself. The time they wasted doing absolutely nothing. He could have also pushed for a bubble setup instead of being against it from the start. Sure the players voted against it, but if he realized how hard this was going to be able to pull off and pushed the bubble more like Adam Silver did then maybe things are different. It's so hard to look at what the NBA has going right now and then the disaster that's unfolded with baseball. One commissioner knows exactly what he's doing and is running a tight ship while the other is beyond clueless. 

Take for example the Marlins on Sunday. When six players tested positive for covid before their game, the protocol was to hold a team vote to decide if they wanted to play. Should they not have played? Of course not, but giving them the decision to do so was a huge mistake. A recent report suggests the Marlins were reckless during their Atlanta trip. If the players are going to do this there's no shot of anything working. 

Fucking idiots. Kick them out of the league. Teams the Yankees have taken this shit so seriously and you don't have any cases right now (Chapman just returned). Fucking Marlins are going out and not giving a fuck. That sucks so much. 

At the end of the day traveling from state to state and not enforcing strict enough protocols had baseball doomed from the jump. We had a fun week and that was it. Now it seems we're left with one more weekend of baseball and then it's curtains. I'm gonna enjoy the fuck out of Yankees-Sox now, drink lots of alcohol, and try to forget the inevitable. 

Fuck. I'm mentally not ready for this to end. It'll break me. The Judge homer last night was the happiest I've been in months.