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Rob Manfred Threatens To Take Away The MLB's Dessert If The Players Will Not Eat ALL Of Their Vegetables

Rob Manfred is a genius. I don't know why anyone hasn't thought of this strategy before. Here all us idiots have been for months sitting on our thumbs doing nothing when the answer has been staring us right in the face all the while: simply do not contract the Coronavirus. I feel so stupid to not be the one to suggest this back in March when this thing really started cooking and people kept catching it left and right. It's so obvious I think that's why it was overlooked. Like surely someone had already suggested merely not catching it, that didn't work, which is why scientists have been scrambling around the clock to come up with a vaccine that a large portion of the country thinks is an attempt for the government to implant microchips in our brains so they wont even take the vaccine once it becomes readily available. But luckily for everyone it wont even come to that point where we have to wait for that vaccine. Just do what Rob Manfred says and don't catch it in the first place. Easy peasy. Done and done. Baseball will absolutely finish the season now that this stern talking to has taken place between Manfred and Tony C. Traveling freely from city to city, state to state will be a piece of cake moving forward and no one has anything to worry about. Nobel Peace Prize frontrunner??? Many are saying it.