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The 18 Marlins Players With COVID Have to Ride a Bus From Philadelphia to Miami

Talk about adding insult to injury. The 20 Miami Marlins players and staff members who have tested positive for COVID-19 will have to travel by bus from Philadelphia back to Miami.

Can somebody explain to me why they have to get on a bus? Why is a three-hour flight worse than an 18-hour bus ride when they all already have it?

As a rather large individual, this sounds like an absolute nightmare. I'm sure the buses will be better than a Greyhound, but they're still buses. When we were originally pitching fantasy football punishments for the loser of the office league last year, a cross-country bus trip had some momentum for a while before we decided that would be too cruel and unusual. And the Marlins are voluntarily doing that to their own players.

Maybe this was a mandate from Major League Baseball, but I genuinely don't understand why a plane with just those guys on it is any different than a bus with just those guys on it.

Imagine being a rookie who has dreamed your entire life of making it to the Major Leagues and then not only do you have to play for the Marlins, but you get this awful season as your first one. Then just as a cherry on top, you get COVID and end up riding a bus from Philly to Miami.

And oh, one more thing: they're driving those buses right into a hurricane.

Baseball season is going great, everybody.