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Sometimes You Just Gotta Tip Your Cap - 'Lemon Pepper Lou' Is An Amazing Nickname

Sometimes you just gotta tip your cap where it's due, this is one of those times. Lemon Pepper Lou is a hell of a nickname. Lou Will rolls off the tongue perfect, but Lemon Pepper Lou just does the trick. That's a Rucker Park type name. See him and Hot Sauce running the pick and roll back in the And-1 Mixtape Tour days. I don't even think this has reached the overplayed story yet. We had Kenny Smith making wing jokes: 

Shit even Kevin Harlan jumped in! 

This just lets me know that Skip and the group really haven't missed a beat. Oh we thought he would have takes after night 1, look at this gem: 

I'm starting to think they sat around practicing this. It's too good to come up with on the fly. I still stand by the fact that Magic City has benefited out of this more than anyone else. Everyone in the world wants to try these wings. It's free advertising! People are clamoring for these wings to be shipped across the country. Fucking Lou Will aka the Underground GOAT aka your favorite player's favorite player aka Lemon Pepper Lou.