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Antonio Brown Has Been Served An 8 Game Suspension...So Now Where Does He Sign???


Alright, there we go. The NFL officially disciplined Antonio Brown today (can we even fully remember for what? I remember there was a moving truck and some allegations from his trainer but I'm not sure we ever got the bottom of any of it. Meanwhile he was having breakdowns about his helmet and we were like oh shit this dude is off his rocker...boy, what a saga) and they landed on 8 games. He'll probably appeal and it'll go down to 6, as is tradition.

But he's also sort of retired but sort of not retired right now as well, it's hard to say. The last we heard from him he said this



But that doesn't really mean anything because I highly doubt he fired any sort of papers. 

If I had to look into my magic 8 ball, he will be playing football the next time the NFL is playing football.

Where will he go? It'll be interesting. He has such immense talent and this is the NFL, the league of 1,000 chances (as long as you are still good and they don't want to make an example out of you), so pretty much everywhere is on the table. But I do fully think he'll play snaps once again in the league. Don't forget, he was recently seen running routes in the dark for Dwayne Haskins...



Is AB2DC back on? Not gonna rule it out…




PS: Mr. Big Chest is still one of the all time self-given nicknames. Props to him for that.