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Nick Backstrom Mic'd Up At Practice Is So Perfect, Give Us A Mic'd Up Feed For Games PLEASE


Nicklas Fucking Backstrom baby! There is more of Nick Backstrom's personality packed into that 2:29 video than we've seen from him in over a decade. Who knew Backy was so loud and outgoing at practice??? I love that. And we need so much more of it. I wrote a blog not too long ago about how the NHL should take full advantage of the no crowd situation and give us an online feed of the players mic'd up, uncensored. 



It makes so much logical sense to me I could puke. Yeah, that's right, the uncharted puke-levels of logic. I mean I love these practice mic'd up videos, but a game? Whole new ball game. Willy and Marchand both mic'd? Buddy. I might just elect myself the new comish and make it happen.