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Pair Of Inmates Escape From 12th Floor Of Prison Using Bedsheets

Absolutely wild news out of Oklahoma. Nothing gets the juices flowing like a prison escape. Technology will continue to change how we live life, but one thing will always stay the same: people love a good prison escape story. 

Teardrop tattoo? Checks out. 

Gotta feel bad for the one guy who got caught immediately. Imagine devising a perfect plan to escape jail, executing it, and then getting caught...immediately. That's the biggest blue balls one can get in life. I know he's a criminal and all, but that just has to straight-up suck. Maybe he's a sociopath and doesn't have any emotions so it makes no difference to him? Why am I caring about the emotions of a criminal? Who knows. 

I do have to wonder how these two guys managed to the tie-up that many bedsheets (12-stories worth!) without getting noticed! It's been a tough year for prison guards (Epstein). They need to up their game.