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Someone Owes Nathan Gerbe And Cam Atkinson An Apology For Putting Them Next To Zdeno Chara During The Anthem

Look I don't know whose doing this was, but someone's gotta apologize. This is obscene. Chara's the tallest player in NHL history and you make him lock arms with two guys who leave their height out of their Raya profile? I mean Nathan Gerbe is LISTED at 5'4", Atkinson is listed 5'8". You can probably shave an inch or two off for both. Yet you've got them locked arm-in-arm with a guys who's about 7 feet tall on skates, like he's their dad walking them into the first day of kindergarten? That's rude. This was supposed to be a symbol of togetherness and someone used it to try and embarrass Gerbe and Atkinson. For shame. RESPECT SHORT KINGS!