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Cardinals-Brewers Game Postponed Because Of Positive Coronavirus Tests, Meaning 20% Of Baseball Will Be Sidelined Today

Another day, another baseball game being shutdown because of positive coronavirus tests. Cardinals-Brewers has been postponed joining the Phillies-Jays and Marlins-Nationals cancellations. That's 20% of baseball not happening tonight because of covid. Motherfucker. 

Now baseball has to conduct their tracing protocol to see who came in contact with these infected players and is at risk. I'd guess the answer is high. I would say it's unlikely they play at all this weekend in Milwaukee. Everything's bad. At this point how on Earth does every team get to 60 games? I know that's not important because you can just do winning percentage and all that, but I'm truly wondering how the fuck this is going to work. 

Last night between Judge's blast and the NBA being back I was genuinely happy going to bed. Everything felt normal for a few hours and sports were back. Then you wake up to this news and it's back to sadness. Yankees reliever Tommy Kahnle was held out of last night's game, one that he 100% would've been used in, for undisclosed reasons. Boone was extremely vague on the reasoning and with everything going on one would assume it's related to corona. Please just make it stop. Let me enjoy my sport for the love of god. 

I'm sad.