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​Does Big Tennessee Just Hate College Football Or What's His Deal?


Listen, for all of Big Tennessee's flaws - mostly being a Tennessee fan and getting rankings consistently wrong - I like the guy. He works hard, found a niche, SEC guy. I can get down talking to him. But I read his blog from last night and it comes to something pretty cut and dry here. The man either hates college football or he has no idea why the regular schedule is important, not just for smaller schools but for power 5 schools too. 

Let's start with the obvious here. You're telling me you don't want to see App State beat Michigan or Georgia State beat Tennessee or any of those other upsets? That's insane. That's what makes college sports, college sports. We all go crazy when something like that happens. It's the lead story on every network. It's talked about for more than 24 hours. A smaller program beating one of the known names in the sport is what makes college sports so good. It's why we love the NCAA Tournament. We go crazy for a Cinderella. 

That actually might not even be the most obvious point. You know why we don't need scheduling to stay the same after this year? Because coaches need those automatic wins. They are tied to bowl games. They are tied to bonuses. They are important in that sense and no coach or AD will ever sign off on it. 

Yes, I get that watching Alabama beat the Citadel 65-3 isn't sexy or fun. But it's needed. Declining football attendance doesn't have anything to do with the schedule either Big T. It has more to do with the fact that prices are outrageous and it's easier and almost better now to watch a game from home. Now, sure, big time games - Auburn/Alabama, Bama/LSU, Kentucky/Florida (it's the same, right?) - have an awesome feel when you're there. But how many times a year do we get those sort of games? Only a handful. 

Don't get me wrong the conference only game and having names playing names without the automatic win (outside of Vandy) is awesome for this year, but it's needed. Conferences have to do this until there's one unifying commissioner looking over all of college football and college sports in general. The SEC can't worry about the ACC, they have to worry about SEC protocols. That's why I don't get people bitching about this for this specific season, which is completely abnormal. 

I don't want to throw my co-worker and SEC brother under the bus, but I had to right the wrong here. Give me a couple games like this each year so we can get the upset and get all the takes about it. It's what makes college sports so fucking awesome.