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A Full Episode Of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire (Wake Very Late Up With)

This was supposed to be my Wake Up but I woke up a little later than normal so we're upgrading it to an official blog. That's how time sensitive I am to make sure I get this right, and unfortunately I'm over the limit for a wake up. It's 8:45am central standard right now. it would be disingenuous for me to suggest a bulk of the audience is not already out of bed. Let's get it moving ladies. 

In that regard and according to the American Sleep Cycle Association, we (ON AVERAGE) go to bed at 11:39pm and wake up at 7:09am. In my personal opinion that seems like a lot of fucking sleep but that's coming from a guy with waning levels of testosterone and an increased appetite for the early worm. I think it's only nature to get this way, but even so I overslept today so what am I even talking about. I'm good for this once a decade. Today was my day. 

Elsewhere, Regis Philbin put on an absolute PRIMETIME clinic every single night. Dude is such an electric host and is so goddamn funny as America's favorite uncle. He just gets you so comfortable in the chair then next thing you know you're walking away with $32,000 because you missed the $125k and wouldn't walk out with the $64k. Next thing you know the guy that follows thinks it was Camels and not Elephants that Hanninbal tried to cross the Alps with. He leaves with $0 and no self-respect. 

I miss having shows like this. RIP Regis.