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It Might Be The First Basketball Game In Months Tonight, But Skip Bayless Has Not Missed A Damn Beat

It's the first night of the NBA, we all know that. We're all jazzed up. I've missed hoops so damn much. It's the true love of my life. Yeah, you may know I have a kid or whatever, but he just cries and asks me to change his shit-filled diaper. Not a fair trade off in my mind yet. I don't even have to watch the Knicks tonight, so yeah, NBA being back is a win. I may have even cried a bit when I heard Ian Eagle calling a neutral court game and how it reminded me of the NCAA Tournament, which I long for. But then I checked in on Skip Bayless. 

And let me tell you, Skip Bayless has not missed a goddamn beat: 

Don't get me wrong, the ref tweets are really letting me know we're back to normal. But Skip is out here asking what happened to LeBron's grey beard hair! That's why he's a content genius. You might be thinking hey, LeBron looks a bit sluggish. Maybe he needs to figure this out a little bit. Skip is concerned about the beard hair. Every time I read Skip Bayless I just think of the scene in Half Baked where they describe everything on weed.

This is just how I assume Skip lives his life when talking about LeBron and quite honestly, it's refreshing. It just shows that while everyone was relaxing, watching soccer and horse racing and golf, Skip was practicing everything and anything to attack LeBron with. 

But seriously, how'd LeBron get that shit covered up so quickly?