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Wake Up With Mike Mussina SCREAMING At Joe Torre On The Mound

I always loved Mike Mussina, never had any hard feelings for him after he left Baltimore. I know that isn't the case with a lot of Orioles fans, but I never felt the need to boo him when he came back to Camden Yards. Guy wanted to win and figured it wasn't going to be in Baltimore. He was an absolute bulldog on the mound too. How many other players would literally scream at their manager, especially with it being Joe Torre. You'd have to have a tow truck to come in and take him off the mound in this game, no way Torre was going to do that. Joe looked shook too. Like a puppy with his tail in-between his legs. Naturally Moose finished the game and closed it out, and I'm sure there was no ill will between them. Just a pitcher who wanted to finish what he started. 

Enjoy your Friday, friends.